Compassionate Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy-  Provide a unique opportunity for clients to speak with a
professional about their interpersonal challenges, life stress, family issues, and a chance to gain insight
and other cognitive and behavioral tools to help cope.  Psychotherapy can: help you feel less anxious;
improve your self-esteem; decrease depression; improve your relationships with others; help you reach
your full potential; and help you feel more balanced.   In short -term work, clients can focus on the
here- and- now, and can choose what they would like to explore. Treatment is usually weekly, ever
other week, or once every three weeks depending upon client needs.

Couples Counseling - Provides clients with a focus on their marital and relationship goals. The
approach is cognitive behavioral and mindfulness based. Couples meet with the therapist on a weekly
or bimonthly basis. There is homework that couples are given between sessions. This therapy is very
dynamic and successful.

Psychiatric Referrals - Framingham Counseling & Healing provides clients with a
comprehensive evaluation and has a working relationship with a select few expert psychiatrist highly
respected among the professional community. You will be assessed to determine your level of
depression or anxiety, and a referral for medication is one form of symptom management.

Hypnotherapy Services: Hypnotherapy sessions to focus on personal goals. Sessions can focus
on positive mental attitude, success, abundance, confidence, weight-loss, smoking cessation, sleep, nail
biting, self-esteem, anxiety desensitization, and public speaking. During the hypnotherapy session
clients are completely in control and are in a hyper focused state of calm.  Studies have shown that
hypnosis can get at the heart of an issues 60% faster than traditional counseling alone.

Wellness Counseling - Provides clients with a focus on their health and wellness goals
including stress & relaxation techniques. Learning concrete techniques to help you relax, manage stress
more effectively, and focus on goals to help you recover from medical illness.  Wellness counseling
often involves the use of a workbook and homework exercises.
Stacey Kohler, MSW, LICSW
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