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Stacey Kohler, MSW, LICSW, RMT
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223 Walnut Street, Suite 1,
Framingham, MA 01702


The practice also provides online Video & Telephonic psychotherapy when appropriate.
This may or may not be covered under your insurance. Please check with your
insurance company if you live at a far distance from my practice.
Counseling Office Serving Metrowest/Framingham

Practice Approach: I provide a compassionate safe place for you to explore your current life
situation. Our working relationship will include a client-centered, cognitive behavioral therapy, and
integrative holistic approach which may help you have a deeper understanding of your situation, and ways
to make your situation more adaptive.  I blend many different treatment modalities to match my clients
particular treatment needs. These are  based on the best practices outlined by the American Psychological
Association for the best treatment of anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues.  I  engage in
active study of the latest treatment modalities, which enrich my work with clients.

Client-Centered : I provide compassionate psychotherapy in a safe, supportive environment.  We
focus on clients current concerns and help clients generate coping strategies.  It is a collaborative appoach
with clients to meet them where they are, and to direct them in the area that they would love to be. My
goal is to help clients become and actuate their full they were born to be.

Cognitive  Behavioral Therapy:  I Assist clients to identify habitual and unproductive thought
patterns, and help clients focus an awareness of these thoughts.  Once these thoughts are identified, I help
clients develop alternative positive thoughts that better serve the client overall, and lead to increased
productivity in most areas of their lives. Under CBT I also engage in evaluating my clients particular view
or schemas of their lives, and explore how they learned how to think this way. Together in a gentle
supportive and loving healing environment clients are able to change their schemas to be more adaptive
and help them to feel better about their world and life view.

EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, The Adaptive Information Processing model
used in the treatment of Traumatic material to help in the healing process. EMDR has helped millions of
people of all ages relieve many types of psychological stress.

Hypnotherapy:  I provide hypnotherapy sessions to very quickly treat problematic symptoms. They
hypnotherapy protocols that I use are based on the work of Cory Hammond, PhD, and other talented
Hypnotherapists. This form of hypnotherapy is a medium for therapy where we explore your issues in a
deep state of trance. Your session will be designed to reflect specific protocols based upon your actual
diagnosis, your cognitive schemas, and your treatment goals.  This will include at least 2 sessions for
diagnostic and assessment purposes, and then several hypnotherapy sessions that follow.

Studies on hypnotherapy show that clients find symptom relief and feel better on a deep level 65% faster
than traditional talk therapy.

Your Session May also Include:

  • - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • - Holistic relaxation therapy - EFT, Tapping, Reiki
  • - Guided imagery
  • - Trauma Recovery & Healing Therapies
    - Learning real tools to help you control internal negative thoughts

My Practice Focus: Providing support and stabilization for:

  •   Support after medical trauma/illness
  • - Witness to trauma - violence
  • - Suicide aftermath
  • - Motor vehicle accident recovery
  • - Divorce - Separation
  • - Childhood abuse & recovery
  • - Terminal illness - Cancer
  • - Manage work related stressors
  • - New diagnosis of cancer and other medical illness
  • - Borderline Personality Disorder/Bipolar Disorder
  • - Mood disorders/Anxiety Disorders
  • - Life transitions